Powerful Words of Martin Luther King Reaching Into 2018

He didn’t know Trump. But he did know the ones who had trained themselves to look the other way … the silent onesthe passive endorsers of evilthe walking dead. Some are white. But some are black too, middle class blacks that hear a two-story mortgage whispering the consequences of activism in their ear.

Some Bible Belt Evangelists are in church every Sunday, reading the Scripture loudly to drown out the “sh***hole” remarks of their hero, their new hero, because their old hero, Jesus, wasn’t starving out enough deadbeat school kids for lunch or keeping his foot on the neck of ALL immigrants or trimming the social security handouts so old people wouldn’t be such a drain on society. Some are glued to the NFL games, using a cold beer to wash down the name of Kaepernick, forbidding the harsh realities of life to contaminate their precious, empty, mind-numbing escape.

These are the Hitler green light flashers, the wizards of a dark and merciless rationalization, the silent slayers of an eroded humanity. In 2018, these are the walking dead.

-Leander Jackie Grogan-



Deep down in our non-violent creed is the conviction there are some things so dear, some things so precious, some things so eternally true, that they’re worth dying for. And if a man happens to be 36 years old, as I happen to be, some great truth stands before the door of his life — some great opportunity to stand up for that which is right. A man might be afraid his home will get bombed, or he’s afraid that he will lose his job, or he’s afraid that he will get shot, or beat down by state troopers, and he may go on and live until he’s 80. He’s just as dead at 36 as he would be at 80. The cessation of breathing in his life is merely the belated announcement of an earlier death of the spirit. He died…

A man dies when he refuses to stand up for that which is right. A man dies when he refuses to stand up for justice. A man dies when he refuses to take a stand for that which is true.

This Year, My Christmas Greeting Is Not Simple

This year, my Christmas greeting is not simple, not as simple as I would have it to be. I’d just like to say “Joy to the world, the Lord is come.” Watch the grandkids open their gifts and then drink a big glass of eggnog. Instead, I feel an overwhelming compunction to address a group of people who view this time of year with great anxiety and disdain and consider it an unwanted distraction, pushed upon them by the rest of society.
Atheists … People who do not believe in God. As church attendance has fallen, the ranks of unbelievers has swelled. In the last three or four years, I have met more atheists (either closet or publicly declared) than ever before. There are several reasons for this, beyond the Church’s wholesale loss of trust, the advent of man-made transcendental go-hug-a-tree religions and the rapid spread of Transhumanism. (That’s a big word for the growing belief that the future human condition will see such improvements in physical ability, lifespan, mental acuity and health, that men will become gods.)

The bottom line is that people have logically and coherently embraced a lifestyle in which they have no use for God … especially of a God that allowed their child to burn up in a house fire, or mother die from cancer, or brother come home from Afghanistan with no legs. The so-called religious people have no answer for that. (There are answers in the Dead Sea Scrolls. But if you ask a hundred pastors, 90 have not bothered to read them.) They talk out of both sides of their mouths about love and virtue. In fact, I heard a well-known televangelist say Trump was sent by God and was doing God’s work.

I thought to myself, “how damaging to the cause of religion and spirituality.” If I could get a show back in 1940 in Germany, I could make a lot of money saying Hitler was sent by God to do God’s work. Even the atheists know the difference between love, peace, and compassion … and deception, antagonism and divisiveness. Yet, the televangelist had a large following, waiting for him to tell them what to believe.
Many years ago, I visited a church in the small community of Sunnyside. At one point in the service, everyone stood up, the door flew open, and a small entourage of ministers marched in. You might call it a short holy train; one minister with a lighted candle leading the way, followed by another minister with a big Bible on a gold-plated tray, followed by the senior pastor who was going to preach that day, followed by another minister who ended up singing a solo and getting the congregation pumped up.
This was their rendition of bringing in the holy “Word”. This was supposedly such a serious and sanctimonious moment, that one woman held up her hands and almost passed out.

There was a doctrinal problem with the entire charade. You didn’t have to be a Bible scholar fresh out of seminary to know that the “Word” is in you, that is, if you are a believer. And if they were bringing in the “written” Word, then my question was: what’s wrong with my Bible? Half the congregation had Bibles. Was the Bible they brought in on the gold-plated tray better than our Bibles? Had it been delivered by an Angel?

There are people throughout Europe called Flagellants who cut themselves with sharp knives to please God. Back in ancient times, during the reign of the Babylonian religions, priests used to throw young children into the fire to please their god. The parents have to watch. If they tried to intervene, they would be killed.

Since were talking about Christmas, then we need to take this a final step. Not all Christians are naïve. Most historians and scholars and hard-core researchers unanimously agree that Jesus Christ was probably not born on December 25. Studying certain factors, including the change in the Jewish calendar, it is widely believed that Jesus was born sometime in the Spring. December 25 was originally tied to the worship of a pagan god that the Catholic Church decided to honor the traditional date. So when you hear some Christians say this is the day Savior was born, they are technically misinformed.

What is my point?

If you are an atheist, you have many reasons to get distracted. Instead of helping the poor and trying to do good, many (not all) big churches and big preachers are raising big money to build bigger sanctuary to take in bigger collections. People who claim to be Christians are living any kind of way. Some “Practices” adapted by the so-called holy people are not even in the Bible. In other words, it’s much easier to believe there is no God in the first place. The Bernie Madoff’s of the world are the ones that make it to the top.
So on this Christmas day, if you are an atheist feeling frustrated and put upon by Santa Claus and jingle bells and the three-month stretched out trickery by merchants to make you spend money you don’t have, I have an unthinkable suggestion. I want you to forget about Christmas altogether.
Instead, I want you to think about the simple formula t=0.
We’ll have to incorporate a bit of quantum mechanics and particle physics, but don’t worry. I’ll walk you through the whole thing and it won’t take long.

Most everyone is familiar with the Big Bang theory. Scientists have highly advanced supercomputers and complex formulas and models that have calculated the movement of the universe, which continues to expand since the Big Bang occurred 13.8 billion years ago. The formula for the Big Bang is t=1. The t stands for time. The 1 stands for the second after the Big Bang event occurred.

What I’m asking you to do this day is look at t=0. This represents all the time or eternities that existed before the Big Bang. With all of the fancy computers and formulas and Einstein wannabes, no one can see back that far. They have no idea what happened to get the neutrons and electrons and protons and dark matter and gases and microwaves up to the starting block. Some people say it happened randomly. Others say there had to be a Creator.

God said He did it and left the Bible as proof. But most atheists don’t believe in the Bible … too many writers, too many translations, too many inconsistencies. And so it comes down to a 50/50 guess. Either there is a God and He created heaven and earth, or there is no God and everything happened randomly.

Even in Las Vegas, a 50/50 bet is huge. But what if you’re betting on eternity? This is the bet you have to make. Either we die and the maggots eat our flesh and that’s the end of that. Or the dusty old book called the Bible is telling the truth and there is an eternity waiting for us, not based on our good works, but rather, our decision to believe or not believe.

Let me put it this way: would it be better to go into the ground as a fool believing in a dusty old Book, or as a genius who got the bet WRONG?
Forget about Christmas and ho-ho-ho; forget about man’s abuse of religion and so-called sacred things; forget about the hypocrisy of the church and the evil that took your child or your brother’s legs. Think of the horrible, unfathomable consequences of being wrong about a 50/50 bet.

One day, a great trumpet will sound, and the dead in Christ will rise to meet their Creator, the one that was there when t=0. I would not want to be a genius on that day, a proud connoisseur of probability and logic. The cost is just too high. On this Christmas day, I beg you to cut through the clutter, shed the false armor of reason and declare yourself a fool for Jesus Christ. Let the maggots know that they do not have the victory. You have made your foolish decision. And, one day, you shall rise again.

– Leander Jackie Grogan –

The Blood Tears of Jesus

To my amazing Christian friends in the UK.

A few months ago you asked about Book Two of the “God’s Mysterious Tower”  Series. I am happy to report it is finished! I guarantee you a fantastic spiritual journey. Release date: March 4, 2016. Here is an excerpt.

The Blood Tears of Jesus

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My objective in this book, and really all books that I write, is to expand the reader’s perspective and force him or her to look deeper into the issue at hand.

I write a great deal about spiritual anomalies. The old preachers taught us that the Bible was infallible. In fact, there are multiple errors and contradictions. The Dead Sea Scrolls have forced theologians to quietly rewrite the old King James version. We know somewhere out there in a dark cave or hidden tomb, there are more discoveries to come. But a Bible in constant overhaul is a difficult proposition for most Christians. It’s easier to remain in the comfort of a familiar truth than to embrace a new truth that cancels out the old one. Columbus discovered America. I learned that in high school. I don’t want to hear about the Vikings who came two or three hundred years before Columbus got here.

Look at II Chronicles 9:25 and then at I Kings 4:26. Was it forty thousand or four thousand? And before you seek the answer in the Jewish history archives, you must make a critical decision. Are you seeking spiritual knowledge outside the 66-book Protestant canon? Didn’t your pastor tell you NOT to seek spiritual knowledge outside of the Bible?

This is where I want to take my readers, to a high mountain where glaciers of misinformation melt beneath their feet and profound spiritual truths fall upon their heads like rain. Book 1 did it. Book 2 will go even further.


Seven hours into the flight to the Republic of Benin, Marcellus sat down in the seat next to me and gently shook my forearm. I had dozed off into an ethereal dream-scape where vast meadows of bright red flowers hid me from the giants. The flowers had mouths and sang heavenly songs, a specific song that inundated the fields with glistening raindrops of crimson and gold and made the flowers grow until the giants became dwarfs beneath their foliage.

FianlRed Rain888

Behold, these are the blood tears of Jesus that rain down upon us, a flower told me. They will subdue your enemies and wash away the stain of suffering for all ages to come.

I wanted to stay there amidst the singing flowers and glistening red rain. But the ground started to shake in another world and pulled me away.

 Read the Prologue  – Here:

Read Book One Here

The 2016 Election Simplified

The 2016 Election Simplified: Two Unacceptable Theories

by Leander Jackie Grogan


Was The Election Stolen?


I’m writing this because the question won’t go away. It started a few months before the election and then morphed into a more desperate, ideological moral imperative the day after.

This was the question:

“How could people be dumb enough to vote for Trump?”

There were several iterations:

“Are people really that dumb to fall for his BS?”

“The man has no plan, no experience, no character. How could they consider him presidential material?”

I’m a veteran writer with tons of books. But my friends weren’t calling me about my books. They were calling me because of my previous life as a political operative in Texas, where legends are made and grand political ambitions take flight. I had the privilege of working for Congresswoman Barbara Jordan, Congressman Mickey Leland, Governor Ann Richards, Harris County Commissioner El Franco Lee, first black Houston Mayor Lee Brown and many others. I had seen the tender morsels of flesh carved off the bone; the crack of a thousand eggs from the inside out. I had a few secrets I would take to the grave. Surely, I could solve a simple conundrum about stupidity.

I gave them all the same answer.

Sometimes a misconception or misinformation can be repeated so many times, it becomes an enduring truth. The intent is not always an attempt to deceive. Rather, it’s a collective agreement among members of society that this belief is a fact.

In 1633 the Roman Inquisition tried Galileo and found him guilty of heresy for trying to mislead people into to believing the earth was actually orbiting the solar system. This belief went against God’s creation. Everyone knew it was a fact that the earth was the center of the universe. Back in the late 1800s, it was the fact that blacks, imported from the savage jungles of Africa, were more animalistic than human and naturally inferior to whites. Respected scientists offered cognitive data to support this fact. For a very long time, it was a fact that Columbus discovered America, that George Washington had wooden teeth, that Eve offered Adam an apple in the Great Garden, that people use only 10% of their brain.

We absorb repeated beliefs over time, allowing them to settle into our comfort zones as facts. These are usually plausible, common sense explanations that fill a void. They allow us to move on.

I told my friends this is precisely what happened with the perception of Trump supporters. Some experts have proclaimed over and over that they are uninformed, uneducated, “dumb” voters who don’t really see the light. They infer that Donald Trump has deceived them, blinded their eyes with disjointed half-truths that prevent them from making rational decisions or seeing him for whom he really is.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. When we look at his constituent groups, we can safely extrapolate certain characteristics that reflect a more accurate picture. About a third of his constituency (trailer park, Neo-Nazi, KKK, Bubba hunting in the woods for squirrels) is indeed uneducated and uninformed, not only about Donald Trump, but the political process in general. They couldn’t name the three branches of government if their moonshine business depended on it. The remaining two thirds, however, (traditional conservative Republicans, evangelicals masquerading as born-again Christians, rust belt victims of automation and globalization, supply side/small government advocates, billionaire power brokers that pull the strings) are NOT uninformed. They are fully aware of Trump’s baggage and have accepted it as the cost of doing business.

What business? … Most often, that was the follow up question.

The business of stymying history, of blocking the onslaught of “undesirables” from coming into the room, of pushing back the clock to a more predictable, orderly hierarchy with the right people at the top; Right meaning familiar, meaning traditional, meaning comfortable with, meaning white males with silver hair and golf course tans. The good old boy network that rewarded an elite few had been under attack by President Obama. A President Clinton would do even more damage. Desperation had set in for those who have long benefited by this rich-go-first status quo. Thus, desperate countermeasures in the form of a flawed savior were acceptable.

Ludicrous or ridiculous or totally insane. That was the response I got. When were these people going to learn that we were moving forward, not backwards.

Since they had asked for my expert opinion, I felt an obligation to remind them that the lofty goals of the desperate clock-rewinders was neither unreasonable nor unattainable. Back in the 80s, President Reagan  had come in and busted the middle class labor unions, de-funded the civil rights division of the Justice Department,  rescinded major regulation designed to keep unscrupulous  Wall Street wheeler- dealers in check, increased subsidies for big oil companies, cut school lunches and job-training programs, halved the budget for public housing, and given a huge supply side tax cut to the rich. In just a few years, the progress of the lower class and middle class was completely sabotaged. If Reagan did it, maybe Trump  could do the same thing.

Of course, I reminded them that Reagan, despite his economic policies, was a decent man. He didn’t have criminal prosecutors or  IRS agents or a bunch of bill collectors running after him. With Reagan, you could seal a deal with a handshake. With Trump, his hands were allegedly hidden away under someone’s skirt.

I naively reassured them that the scary, insane, doomsday possibility that had loomed over the nation for months would soon be over. Hillary was leading by 5 points, maybe more. Trump’s 61% unfavorable rating was the worst in presidential polling history. The New York Times had given her an 85% chance of winning. The number of undecided voters could fit on the head of a needle. The Latino ground game in Florida was a white hot lake of lava. Everybody was locked in.

And then came the election.

Although I knew (everyone knew) there were “closet” Trump voters, that is to say, voters too ashamed to admit in public what they planned to do in the voting booth, as a political consultant, you learn to trust the numbers. I was deeply involved in the hotly contested Texas gubernatorial race in which Governor Ann Richards came back from 18 points down to win. I had never seen ALL of the pre-election indicators (polls, interviews, endorsements, surges, exit polls, early vote results outside the country) pointed in the wrong direction. Guam, which had missed predicting the outcome of the election only one time in history, went for Clinton 72%. That’s exactly where the US vote should’ve been.

There are sophisticated algorithms and questionnaire redundancies that flesh out hidden patterns. The person being interviewed might not want to tell you for whom they voted. But if the questionnaire is structured correctly, the truth will come out.

Of the 114 national polls that were taken within two weeks of the election, 112 had Hillary Clinton winning and Trump losing. Some had him losing badly. The William & Mary College poll had Clinton ahead of Trump in Florida by 8 points, winning 28 percent of Florida’s Republican early voters. Trump’s own internal polls had him losing, causing him to file law suits very early.

Something had gone wrong. Trump had accomplished what seemed statistically impossible, certainly highly improbable. If you went to Vegas and rolled 7 sevens in a row, the owner would stop the game and check the dice, check your ID to see if you were on the conman list. The odds are so astronomically against that sequence of numbers. Yet, Trump rolled sevens in all the swing states. You’d need an advanced degree in physics to calculate those odds.

This brings me to the first of two theories about the election. Many people believe the election was rigged, that Trump, in cahoots with unnamed conspirators, somehow stole Hillary’s votes.

If you believe in the numbers, then this theory is easy to embrace. Trump only had a 15 % chance to win with only one pathway to the electorate. He had to miraculously win Florida and then turn 4 blue states red, which he did. There was a “record level of turnout” among college-educated voters – driven by college-educated white women, a key demographic for Clinton. Clinton got 65% of the Hispanics vote, troubling but respectable. Almost 88% of all voters said they had made up their mind in October. This critical time period was at the height of Trump’s women problems and locker room expletives. Plus, his gloomy financials and ties to the Russians were leaked to the media.

Finally, Clinton officially won the majority of the popular vote, 62,403,269 votes compared to Trump’s 61,242,652. Astoundingly, Clinton is ahead in the popular vote by 1.86 million (and rising).

Something doesn’t smell right.

The most logical assertion is someone tampered with the voting process. But that’s a huge conspiratorial leap. In the greatest democracy on earth, with the most sophisticated cyber security networks and most elaborate election protocols with federal, state and local checks and balances coming out of the kazoo, is a such an outlandish undertaking even possible?

As it turns out, according to experts, it’s not only possible, it’s inevitable.

Keep in mind the mighty Democratic National Committee, along with voting registries and many election board websites around the nation have already been hacked.  Illinois and Arizona officials shut down their state’s voter registration after suspected Russian intelligence agencies downloaded information on as many 200,000 people. The Department of Defense cancelled an Internet voting project for military soldiers in 2004 because it felt it could not ensure the legitimacy of the votes. In a 2011 report, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the federal agency tasked with researching Internet voting, concluded that secure Internet voting is not currently feasible.

That’s the high tech side. The low tech side is much worse.

A Princeton professor  and helpful grad students broke into the old Sequoia AVC Advantage electronic voting machine now used in Louisiana, New Jersey, Virginia and Pennsylvania.  It took less than ten minutes. They wedged out the ROM chips which weren’t even soldered into the circuit board and replaced them with their own chips, firmware and voting records. In another test of vulnerability, the same group hacked the popular Direct Recording Electronic (DRE) voting machine, the one adopted by most states after the Bush v. Gore fiasco. The ease with which they manipulated internal voting patterns without the slightest detection was almost laughable.

In most states, voting machines are left alone in warehouses for months, unguarded, without the most rudimentary inspection for vandalism or tampering. You’d think the federal government would do a better job of protecting  the machines that facilitate the integrity of our very democracy. As it turns our, however, the federal government is not responsible at all. The Constitution specifically gives states the responsibility of dictating the “times, places and manner” of federal elections and choosing the logistics that govern the process.  Thus, the election process, itself, is nothing more than a loosely, decentralized, rag-tag  group of state election boards involved in local trench warfare, scrambling to meet the ever-growing demands of free elections, free speech and budget cuts, without getting sued.

The fixes desperately needed to place a minor bandage over the critical security gaps in the system don’t look  like fixes to conservative State Legislatures that currently control the process.  To them, these fixes look like power grabs and unlawful interventions by the federal government. Better to get hacked than jeopardize the state’s constitutional power.

So under the current system, could the United States election process be rigged, manipulated and  undermined? The answer is an equivocal “Hell yes”.

But that’s not the real question of the hour. The real question is did it happen in this election. Was Hillary Clinton cheated out of an election victory?

President Obama recently signed Executive Order 13805, which orders a full recount of all votes cast in the election and calls for a special election to be held on December 19th. The official reason Obama signed the order was in response to the concerns of thousands of voters across the country who said they were prevented from casting a ballot on election day, as well as concerns some members of the electoral college may have acted unethically. However, behind closed doors, everyone knows the real reason is to prove or disprove suspicions the election was hijacked. Never in the history of US elections have all the indicators pointed in the wrong direction.

Those who believe the first theory say indeed Hillary was cheated out of an obvious election victory. If so, it would be an unconscionable, inexcusable  crime, an indelible blight upon the face of democracy and the values to which we so we dearly cling. But what if she wasn’t cheated? What if Donald Trump won the election fair and square?

This introduces us to our second theory, a possibility that many find more ominous than the first. This theory is straightforward, a slap on the back to keep us from strangling, a rushing mighty wind that fills our wishing wells of freedom full of sand.

It states that Donald Trump is a visionary who saw the dark side of America’s soul. He spoke to that dark side, and in return, America spoke back … reluctantly, shamefully, fearfully back. The numbers are right. Donald Trump won fair and square.

Let’s look at the numbers again. There are so many numbers. We could easily get bogged down in them. But we won’t; just a bare minimum to support the theory’s framework.

Trump basically had one pathway to victory. Like most Republican candidates, he had to win Florida and Ohio, and then flip at least two or three states from blue to red. He did precisely this, perhaps a bit more. He did it against all odds, trailing badly right up to the bitter end. If you look at the four closest states where Clinton lost, exit polls show late-deciding voters in each of them going strongly for Trump. In Florida and Pennsylvania, late-deciders favored Trump by 17 points. In Michigan, they went for Trump by 11 points. In Wisconsin, and this is unbelievable, they broke for Trump by a whopping 29 points.

In Florida, 11 percent said they decided in the final week. In Pennsylvania, it was 15 percent. And in Michigan and Wisconsin where Trump made a late push, fully 20 percent of voters said they arrived at their choice in the last seven days.

In these close situations, exit polls are more accurate than traditional polls. Companies like Edison Research, one of the best in the business, conduct random stratified probability sample of more than 110,000 physical polling places across the country and about 16,000 early and absentee voters by phone. These unusual trends showed up in their exit polling. Despite their early claims, a large number of undecided and third-party-supporting voters were still free agents. They were soft on Clinton and open to a jerky u-turn at the end.

Most experts agree that WikiLeaks and FBI Director James Comey’s fingerprints were on the steering wheel. But these weren’t the major drivers. Trump went from losing swing states badly to winning Pennsylvania by 2.5 points, Florida by 2 points, Michigan by 1.5 points and Wisconsin by a full 3 points.  For this to happen, there had to be many drivers.

Let’s start in the Minor Leagues and work our way up.

In the last three weeks, chatbots and automated spam accounts generated around 450,000 tweets at an average rate of 500 tweets per day. Facebook and LinkedIn suffered an equal onslaught. These were false messages, many by the Russians, that carried hashtags identifying certain political subjects, most often, slanderous stories that had no basis in truth. There’s a saying in politics: If you’re dirty, throw mud on everyone. That way, the voters can’t tell the difference.

What we didn’t think possible was happening. The campaign was getting dirtier by the day. Some of the stories stuck. Hillary (with the help of WikiLeaks)  was the unfortunate loser in the game.

Another driver was the assumption of victory that, in the last week, let many people off the hook. Some of the votes were protest votes that people thought they could afford to make. Hillary was going to win. But she needed to know people were not totally satisfied with her agenda. In Michigan, Congresswoman Debbie Dingell was the first to warn the Clinton camp about the strong support for Bernie Sanders in her district during the primary. Sanders came to her district 10 times. Bill Clinton came only once. Dingell predicted people in her district would vote for Trump in the presidential election too. She says even though the Obama administration saved the auto industry, blue-collar working men and women of the industry had felt forgotten ever since.

As we move into the Major Leagues, we find the primary three drivers that gave Trump the victory.

The first one is fear. This is no surprise to anyone. Many voters chose Trump because of fear. You might call it the axis of his campaign, extending out into the darkness. He generated so much fear and uncertainty, he didn’t even need to offer a plan or solution to address the outcome, just that he recognized it and would take care of it.

Much of the fear focused on Obama’s immigration policies, the tradeoff between security and open immigration … dangerously and recklessly open. In fact, immigration was never open. But that didn’t keep Trump from portraying it that way. And for this particular “disaster”, he  had a solid, tangible, close-your-eyes-and-see-it solution … The Wall.

Obama presented his immigration policy as a continuation of the great open-door opportunity given to our forefathers. He said,  “I guarantee you at some point, every one of us has somebody in our background that people didn’t want coming here. We’re going to have to make a decision about whether we are a people who tolerate the hypocrisy of a system where the workers who pick our fruit or make our beds never have the chance to get right with the law — or whether we’re going to give them a chance, just like our forebears had a chance, to take responsibility and give their kids a better future.”

The U.S. Supreme Court split 4-4 on Obama’s deportation reform, leaving over 4 million immigrants in limbo.

Meanwhile, on the campaign trail, Trump presented the President’s policies as a lack of leadership,  fostering the desperate and dangerous invasion of undesirables. Thieves, rapists and murderers were on the way. Frightened, misinformed Americans saw this image in their heads:


Hillary's Immigration Train









And then he skillfully tied Hillary to it. She was going to be Obama’s torch bearer.

As the Motown Temptations used to sing, “Great googa-mooga can’t you hear me talkin’ to you? It’s just a Ball of Confusion….

I could spend a lot of time on this … the failure of President Obama to adequately communicate a very reasonable, cost-effective solution; the effect of a Republican Congress adept in fanning the flames; the failure of Hillary to put a human child’s face (so many children are being left at the border to live or die) on the need for a compassionate America. Bill Clinton did it with  Kosovo back in 1998.

But time does not permit a full review of the immigration question, just that, negative is so much easier to sell than positive, and Donald Trump did an excellent job of selling it.

Exit polls throughout the nation, even in those states that showed Hillary leading by mid-single-digits, echoed a repeated  sentiment:  “We’re looking for a strong leader.”

When you take this top-of-the-brain sentiment into the back room and dissect it, it means a candidate whose tendencies are hard rather than soft, firm rather than flexible. These voter preferences point more to Trump than Clinton. The exit polls were doing their best to reflect an ingrained fear that had taken its toll on voters and overridden their sense of compassion and hospitality. People were looking for someone to protect them from an uncertain future. They were thinking me-first.

Me-first is actually the headliner for the next hidden driver that spoiled Clinton’s debut, number two on the countdown.  Stay with me. If you’re a Hillary supporter, when we get to number one, you’ll finally be given permission to puke on the floor.

In the world of psychological analysis, there is a phenomenon called reductionist thinking. Sometimes referred to as Machiavellian thinking, it is a self-focused, self-rewarding approach to behavior that suppresses emotions and places no value on shared payoffs or personal attributes such as empathy, modesty and restraint. Rather, reductionist thinking tends to promote winning, hoarding and control of others. It screens out the larger context and concentrates on the potential gain of self. Any means to achieve self-reward, including lying, cheating, bullying, sabotaging, and even withdrawing from the process, is justified as long as it leads the reductionist thinker to a personal win.


Reductionist Thinking










There’s more to this, but I’ve already gone too long. Still, think about this example. People were out of work during the 2008 toxic derivative recession. Obama proposed a Jobs Bill that would’ve put millions back to work and paid for itself, a brilliant stroke of legislation. Republicans killed it because it would’ve made Obama look good. They had no alternative bill. They didn’t care about the millions of people who suffered from a Wall Street financial scheme in which Main Street workers had no part. Republicans just wanted to win. They spent millions and worked tireless hours behind closed doors to kill Obamacare. It would’ve taken a third of the time to just fix the flaws. But that wasn’t the point. The point was to kill the bill for the Red states home team. They just needed to go back to their constituency, pop the cork and celebrate another win.

The irony in political gridlock is that the voters grow weary of a non-functioning government.  So what do voters do? They send more reductionist thinking candidates to Congress to get things moving again. When the Republicans shut down the federal government, the Republican number in Congress grew. That’ll teach Obama. The people have spoken.

In the 2016 Election, Donald Trump positioned himself as a classic reductionist thinker. He didn’t mind lying, cheating, bullying, making fun of a Mexican judge, a disabled reporter and  Senator  Marco Rubio’s big ears. He even threatened to refuse to certify or accept results from the election, unless he won. He had already begun to file suits. Any suit that made it as far as the Supreme Court would be “declared” a win.

Let’s go back to the exit interviews just after the polls closed. People were looking for a strong leader, someone that would bulldoze through the clutter and bring a win home for the Gipper. In rural counties, it meant ending a trend of neglect and rules made in the (urban) city, by the city and for the city people who abused power and  looked down on them.  A strong leader… Does that sound like Al Gore or Dick Chaney? Does that sound like Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? Voters expressing the need for a strong leader lean Republican first.

Finally, we take a look at the primary driver, coming in at number one, the shameful, unspeakable straw that broke the camel’s back.

You could name it a lot of things … morality lost, the new spirituality, the rise of secularism, the devaluation of traditional values, God’s new place in line. For the purpose of this writing, I call it the vanishing breed of decent white people.

What? Am I implying that white voters are responsible for Hillary’s loss?

About 1.8  fewer black voters came out to vote than in 2012. Hispanics (God bless their deportation-eager souls.) gave a mystifying 29% of their vote to Trump.  Roughly 2 million Catholics didn’t come out at all. And in a meaningless march off a high cliff set aside for party loyalists, Libertarian voters gave Gary Johnson over 3% of the national vote. This was a man who had to keep apologizing for not really knowing anything about anything. Had these groups voted for Hillary, Trump’s razor thin, less-than-1% margins in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin would have completely changed.

So many constituent groups contributed to Hillary’s downfall. How could I imply that white voters were to blame?

It’s a long story. It begins with the traditional role of White Anglo-Saxon Protestant (WASP) who control disproportionate financial, political and social power in the United States, establishing and maintaining America’s code of morality.

Let’s lay all of the cards on the table, including the ones that Black Power advocates and the Nation of Islam would rather keep up their sleeves. Black people were NOT freed from slavery under their on recognizance. They needed help from white people, a majority of white people saying this is wrong and our chosen brand of morality won’t let us tolerate it. The same goes for the Jewish people in World War II concentration camps, and civil rights workers slaughtered in the South, and women and children murdered in Kosovo, and resettled allies from Vietnam.

None of these groups could liberate themselves by themselves. They needed the help of WASP sympathizers who, in their own private towers of consciousness, found it impossible to look the other way.

Technically, you don’t have to be white to be a part of this group. President Obama is a member. So am I. In several black barbershops, where the subject of illegal Mexican aliens taking our jobs has come up, I have found myself almost involuntarily defending these people, correcting misconceptions about their skill set and work ethic, even though I knew my haircut for that day would not be very good.

Here’s a quote from one of my national interviews:

“I live in Texas where immigration is a powerfully divisive issue, one that conservative Republicans invariably count on to get themselves elected. If I hadn’t seen and interacted with undocumented workers who had slipped across the border in the dead of night, I would fully expect them to be demons from hell, invading the poor Texas countryside, wreaking havoc upon the land.

“In fact, these are hard-working people. Five or six families moved into a single one bedroom apartment, eat can goods and pooled their money to buy a car to get off the bus line. They take the jobs that we don’t want, breathe in the cancerous roof tar, clean the dirty toilets and load the rotten garbage bags onto the truck. They work construction jobs below minimum wage and sometimes don’t get paid at all. But who can they tell? Who will listen to them without asking for their social security card?

“They are illegal like we were illegal when we tried to eat at the same lunch counters with whites and the law said it was illegal. They are illegal like we were illegal when we tried to vote without passing the local poll tax test, you know, the one that asked blacks how many bubbles were in a bar of soap.”



In the past, WASP have invariably been at the forefront in the fight for justice and equality. There did not have to be a personal benefit for them, although history has proven a society that seeks to lift its abused and downtrodden populations, sets in motion a rising tide that benefits all members of that society. Their intolerance for injustice was personal. Opposing evil was just the righteous, Godly, moralistic thing to do.

But in the case of this election, many of the subsets that make up the WASP group as a whole, lost their way. They redefined righteous so that liberal meant evil. In exit polling, 7 out of 10 white Christians voted for Trump. They expressed concerns the country was going in the wrong direction. In fact, the entire Bible Belt went blood red, showing more support for Trump than Romney. This is remarkable since most of the observed and confessed attributes ingrained in their chosen candidate seemed to fly in the face of Christian values.

You have to envision a Christian deacon or Sunday school teacher with a lovely wife and daughter. How does he explain to them that after much prayer and talking to God, he endorsed a liar, a bigot, a womanizer, an alleged rapist, a flimflam wheeler-dealer picture-perfect reincarnation of Hitler himself. This is whom his spiritual values led him to choose for the highest office in the land. The other choice, a woman who abused emails, was just not acceptable. And if his daughter happens to bump into President Trump on the street and runs his hand under her dress, it’s for the good of the country … Praise God???!!!

For these WASP groups, so many moral compromises had to made in the voting booth. It’s not that Hillary courted the religious right. That really didn’t matter. What mattered was that long-standing, sacred and indelible Bible teachings could not keep so-called Godly people away from the polls.

You’d have to look at it this way. If Satan and Hitler ran for office, how could I read my Bible tonight and then go and vote for one of those candidates tomorrow. Wouldn’t my faith force me to write in Jesus Christ’s name or stay home altogether?

The vanishing breed of decent white people is a frightening phenomenon. They have grown silent in the secular crowd. They watch without the slightest utterance of  protest as young children are mowed down in their schools by military assault rifles, time and time again, only to have Congress respond with a concerted, mobilized effort to block any bill that might hurt the NRA. They see these children standing on the borders in Latin America, because of no hope, abandoned by their parents, cold and starving. In former days, there would have been a rancorous outcry. WASP groups would have demanded our great American Christian superpower swooped in to help those who were unable to help themselves. But not now. Moral decay has delivered a win for the Gipper. Decent white people have learned to look the other way.

Thus, you have it, two competing theories from which to choose. Was the 2016 Election stolen? Or did we pick the leader that best represents our inner soul?

The good thing is my friends won’t have to call me anymore. Now, they know as much as I know. They can choose a theory, take a pill and go to sleep. Of course, they won’t go to sleep. I suspect no one will sleep for a very long time.


– Leander Jackie Grogan –

The White Throne Judgment

Your Sunday Thought…

The White Throne Judgment

Sometimes in trying to witness to an unbeliever, you’ll get this question: “What’s the big deal about Jesus? It’s my right to choose. Why can’t I worship Mohammed or Buddha, or just go out in the forest and hug a big tree and commune with the Creator?”

The answer is complicated, much more complicated than simply declaring Jesus the Son of God, Lord of Lords and King of Kings. Unbelievers need to understand the process of everlasting life or everlasting condemnation before they can appreciate Jesus’ exclusive position and stature in all of creation. That’s where the White Throne Judgment comes in.


Let’s start with this Scripture:

Romans 3:23
For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.

The Bible is telling us ahead of time there are no perfect people found in humanity; all have sinned. Our human righteousness is as filthy rags. I say this because some people still believe they can work their way into heaven by doing good deeds. They work hard every day, mow their lawns, take their wife and kids on vacation every year, vote in every election, give to the Red Cross and Salvation Army, and from time to time, help an old lady across the street.

The problem is, in the midst of doing all of these good deeds, we still sin … curse someone out on the highway, cheat on our taxes, covet our neighbor’s husband or wife, conspire against coworkers and so on. We are sinners, and our sins pile up. Our good deeds are not enough to compensate for our daily sins. No matter how we try, we come up short.

The old preachers said it this way: “The first step toward salvation is realizing you need to savior.”

Let me stop here to correct a convenient truth.

In Genesis 6:9 it states that Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations, and Noah walked with God. Sometimes theologians take this Scripture to mean God chose Noah to build the Ark and survive the great flood because he was perfect. But perfect in his generations is really a code word for bloodline or lineage. The Bible is confirming that Noah had not been contaminated by the blood of fallen Angels. This was extremely important since Jesus could not come through a contaminated bloodline.

The Bible is not implying that Noah was perfect, nor were the other seven people that boarded the Ark before the Flood: Shem, Ham, and Japheth, Noah’s wife and the three wives of his sons. We all have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory, remember? A few chapters later, you will find Noah drunk and naked (and perhaps) defiled. Noah’s degenerate state is another article altogether.

This incredible act of salvation is a precursor or forerunner to the White Throne Judgment. It’s an act of mercy that saves sinful, imperfect humans headed for total destruction.

The White Throne Judgment is described in Revelation 20:7-15 as  the final judgment taking place after the millennium and after Satan, the Beast, and the False Prophet are thrown into the Lake of Fire. The sacred records containing everyone’s deeds, good or evil, will be opened. God will reward or punish each person accordingly.  Also, the Book of Life will be opened which determines whether a person will inherit eternal life or eternal condemnation.  Although Christians are held accountable for their actions, they are FORGIVEN IN CHRIST and their names are in the “Book of Life anyway.

This is where the rubber meets the road. Although all of our deeds and sins are there,  our belief in Christ and acceptance of Him as our Lord and Savior overrides our sins. Neither Mohammed or Buddha nor the tree in the forest have the power to get us in the Book. Only Jesus, Lamb of God, the Lord of Lords and King of Kings can do this. Only he can render an act of mercy that saves sinful, imperfect humans headed for total destruction.

And so we come full circle, from the Flood to the Cross to the White Throne Judgment. When they ask you what’s the big deal about Jesus, you tell them this is a big deal. No one can save them from total, everlasting destruction but Jesus.


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Jesus Christ and Multiple Dimensions

As a Christian, do you believe in multiple dimensions? Said more succinctly, did Jesus create a universe with dimensions outside of the one we live in?

At first glance, it might seem like one of those Star Trek questions that belongs to a world of fantasy and illusion. But in reality, it is a profound question that points back to our faith.

Multiple Dimensions

In years gone by, I’ve asked several Christians this question, not enough to call it an official survey. Some said: yes, others: no, others were indifferent, that is to say, what difference does it make? I’m saved.

Still, others perceived it as “sinful” and “disrespectful” to the pure teachings of God to ask a question of this nature. I believe the last group (really two people) was most troubling  to my spirit. They were taught incorrectly, or never really learned the difference between reverence and fear. What they were really saying without knowing it was that God did these incredible, unfathomable things and then told us about it in His Holy Scripture. He even gave us an interpreter, the Holy Spirit, to make sure we understood these great works. But the people in the last group were actually afraid He might get angry if we pursued the truth about these incredible things God did … snooping around in areas of confusion and wives tales.

I wrote the The Blood Tears Of Jesus for a number of reasons. But  one critical reason  was to liberate people in this group from their fears. My heart went out to them, the same kind of people who still believe if God wanted us on the moon, He would’ve put us there.

No one has all of the answers. Who really knows the mind of God? Some of His mighty works are unsearchable. But as God reveals Himself to us more and more, we should realize He WANTS us to know Him, so that we might trust Him and have complete faith in Him.

We should also know there’s work involved. This knowledge is not just scattered out there in some green, glistening, sun-baked field, Easter eggs, waiting to be plucked up with unsoiled hands and dropped into a tidy little basket. God has commanded us to:  Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman who needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

My motto is pray, ask questions, dig and dig some more.

Back to our question … Did Jesus create a universe with dimensions outside of the one we live in?

There is a long answer and a short answer. Here’s the short answer: If you are a Christian and believe in the Bible, you SHOULD believe in multiple dimensions. Long before Einstein’s General Relativity or Michio Kaku’s  String Theory came along, the Bible informed us that in this universe, multiple dimensions do exist.

Let’s break the long answer down into smaller pieces.

Jesus, the Son of God, created all things. (In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made. John 1:1-3)

He, alone,  spoke it into existence … “Nihilo”means out of nothing.

(Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear. Hebrews 11:3)

(For in Him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things have been created through him and for him. Colossians 1:16).

Herein lies a hidden wisdom that should be amplified. The writer is saying don’t think that Jesus created the universe by refashioning or reshaping invisible things that already existed. The words He spoke brought forth a whole new creation, things that did not exist before. Even more intriguing is the number of times He used the word divide or separate. This word is not simply talking about putting space between things. There is a “profound” inference in the story of creation that deals with the firmament of water above the earth which is in a totally different dimension. That’s another fascinating story for another time.

My question then becomes where was he when he did this? Both, the Bible and particle physics demonstrate that God must have existed in dimensions of space and time outside the universe to which He spoke into being. The Bible  goes on to say the universe [our universe] cannot contain Him (Behold, heaven and the highest heavens cannot contain Thee… (1 Kings 8:27)

There are many Bible verses that point to God activity prior to the creation of this universe and the time continuum that governs it. It’s pretty clear God was operating in a dimension separate from and prior to our own universe. Time, as we know it, wasn’t even around.

(This grace was given us in Christ Jesus before the beginning of time (2 Timothy 1:9)

(To the only God our Savior, through Jesus Christ our Lord, be glory, majesty, dominion and authority, before all time and now and forever. Amen. (Jude 1:25)

(He was chosen before the creation of the world, but was revealed in these last times for your sake. 1 Peter 1:20)

Here’s the easiest way to look at it. Time is a dimension. God explicitly tells us that he exists outside of time in a dimension call “Eternity” where there is no time.

(For thus saith the high and lofty One that inhabiteth eternity, whose name is Holy; I dwell in the high and holy place, with him also that is of a contrite and humble spirit, to revive the spirit of the humble, and to revive the heart of the contrite ones. Isaiah 57:15)

There is an important precept here we should understand; so let’s be careful not to minimize it. Eternity is not just a very long stack of extended time capsules or units of time. We measure time in different ways … using the movement of the celestial bodies, the spin of the earth and its orbit around the sun, units of light years, atomic and sundial clocks. Babylonian records of observations of heavenly events to measure time date back to 1,600 BCE. The list goes on. But in eternity where God is, time does not exist. God lives in a dimension outside of time in which He can compress or expand our time (stop the sun for Joshua) based on His sovereign will.

The Bible offers many examples of both people and Angels walking in from another dimension. One of the most spectacular examples is Jesus Christ, Himself, walking through a locked door.

(That Sunday evening the disciples were meeting behind locked doors because they were afraid of the Jewish leaders. Suddenly, Jesus was standing there among them! “Peace be with you,” he said. 20 As he spoke, he showed them the wounds in his hands and his side. They were filled with joy when they saw the Lord! John 20:19-20)

Another example is Elisha praying that God will show his servant the invisible dimension in which the horses and chariots of fire are encamped around them.

(And Elisha prayed, “Open his eyes, LORD, so that he may see.” Then the LORD opened the servant’s eyes, and he looked and saw the hills full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha. 2 Kings 6:17)

We can conclude there are other dimensions besides our own. But how many are there?

Most theologians believe everything in the Kingdom of God comes to us in dimensions, levels, measures, stages and phases.  In Ephesians 3:18 Paul refers to four different dimensions, though we believe there are more … May be able to comprehend with all saints what is the breadth, and length, and depth, and height. Remarkably, as far back as the 12th century, a renown Jewish Rabbi named Nachmonides concluded from his studies of the Book of Genesis, there were 10 different dimensions in our universe.  Now, thousands of years later, respected String Theorists seem to agree.

No one knows for sure. The point is when Christians talk about the  “Spiritual Realm”, they should know what they are professing to believe. The existence of multiple dimensions is not just a Star Trek thing.  Glory be to God, it’s a Bible thing too.


The Blood Tears Of Jesus is a life-changing experience. Pre-order and read the e-book for less than a buck.



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Labor Day – 2016

When it happened, I was just a young teenager, trying to understand the fickle rules of life. One weekend close to Labor Day, my father told me a fascinating story.


It began with an arbitrary, off-the-cuff discussion of my father’s younger brother, Uncle Dewee. Some crooked lawyers and the County Clerk were confiscating (legally stealing) some family land near Beaumont, Texas through a series of small town back-filings and tax liens. Uncle Dewee was responsible for handling the matter, but was afraid to confront the local bureaucracy.

“He’s too doggone scary,” said my father. “He’s been that way all his life. Hell, back in the day, he about messed in his pants when we broke outta jail.”

Jail? Jail?!!! Did my Sunday-school-teaching Christian, union official, school advisory committee father say jail?

My eyes bulged like a bullfrog. “Daddy? You went to jail?”

“Sure, son. Back then, if you were a black man, there was no way around it.

He told me the full story.

A sympathetic white man who admired their hard work in the fields gave them an old Ford. He told them it didn’t run. But if they were willing to fix it up, they can have. They did get it running, and while driving through a small town 50 miles away, the sheriff pulled them over.

He first accused them of driving a stolen car. But when they presented the note from the sympathetic white man stating that he had given them the car free and clear, the sheriff said they were speeding. Of course, the car was too old to speed, not to mention there were no speed limit signs. But he was the sheriff. They were two suspicious young Nigraahs, with the nerve to ride through his town in something other than a wagon. So he hauled them to jail.

This is where the story got really interesting. They knew and the sheriff knew they had done nothing wrong. The whole scenario played out in a Jim Crow criminal-surety work system in which members of local law enforcement were paid a bounty to bring in young able-bodied African-Americans to work for free on local plantations.

To better understand the legal system of indentured servitude and criminal labor, I have included a quote from Douglas A. Blackmon’s book entitled:




Slavery by Another Name:
The Re-Enslavement of Black People in America from the Civil War to World War II

Under laws enacted specifically to intimidate blacks, tens of thousands of African Americans were arbitrarily arrested, hit with outrageous fines, and charged for the costs of their own arrests. With no means to pay these ostensible “debts,” prisoners were sold as forced laborers to coal mines, lumber camps, brickyards, railroads, quarries and farm plantations. Thousands of other African Americans were simply seized by southern landowners and compelled into years of involuntary servitude. Government officials leased falsely imprisoned blacks to small-town entrepreneurs, provincial farmers, and dozens of corporations—including U.S. Steel Corp.—looking for cheap and abundant labor. Armies of “free” black men labored without compensation, were repeatedly bought and sold, and were forced through beatings and physical torture to do the bidding of white masters for decades after the official abolition of American slavery.

The neoslavery system exploited legal loopholes and federal policies which discouraged prosecution of whites for continuing to hold black workers against their wills. As it poured millions of dollars into southern government treasuries, the new slavery also became a key instrument in the terrorization of African Americans seeking full participation in the U.S. political system.



During the night, some black sharecroppers threw two hacksaw blades through the window. My father and Uncle Dewee sawed and kicked their way out and then jumped on a freight train headed for New Orleans … my uncle, frightened and whining all the way.

“Do you know what they gon do if they catch us?”

“Do you know what they gon do if we stick around.” My father responded.

Since that day, I’ve thought long and hard about Labor Day and what it means to different generations; blacks who suffered through two curtain calls of slavery; Chinese who worked the railroads and didn’t get paid; poor whites who fell over the edge of the Hoover Dam because safety wasn’t important; Japanese who lost their homes and farms while locked up in American internment camps during the war; and now Hispanics who worked grueling hours, are often paid below the minimum wage and are accused of stealing American jobs … you know, the busboy, roof tar smelling, lawn-cutting, toilet- cleaning jobs that Americans are standing in line for. We need to put up more fences and call out the National Guard so we can win those jobs back.

I have to mention some special laborers … the brave soldiers coming back from  Afghanistan and Iraq with PST. We could help them, that is, if Congressmen weren’t so preoccupied with voting themselves raises and cutting budgets to get Tea Party votes and making sure the billionaire campaign donors get favorable laws to widen the rich-poor gap. How can we ignore these workers and still sleep at night?

Labor Day is more than barbecue on the pit and a cold beer in the fridge. It’s about reflecting upon our history, however glorious or shameful, and making sure the gross inequities of the past do not follow us into a callous, profit-blind future.

May God bless ALL of the laborers of this country on this 2016 Labor Day. May God bless us ALL.

-Leander Jackie Grogan –

Lamentation of Healing

Hello Everyone,
Yes, this is from the new book. I wanted to share this. Someone might be able to use it right now to help formulate their own prayer. Start to read it over and over, at the red light, on your break at work, at home before you go to bed. Consume your private moments with it. Let it reach heaven on your behalf. My hope is that it will activate your faith in spiritual healing. There is no limit to what God can do.

Pen of Light222


Lamentation of Healing

[From The Blood Tears Of Jesus by Leander Jackie Grogan]

Sing unto the LORD, O ye saints of heaven
Sing glorious praises to His holy name
Give thanks to Almighty God, the ruler of all creation
For by Him all things were created in heaven and earth
Draw hither unto His mighty throne which rises in alabaster glory
Above the firmament of heaven and the walls of pure crystal
And the rivers of fire that proceedeth out of His mouth
Worship Him with exceeding joy and gladness

For He has delivered us from the pit of darkness and eternal flames
He has blotted out our corrupt habitation sown in the Great Garden
He has cleansed our weary souls and rain down righteousness upon us
He has swallowed our sins in the tender belly of the Lamb
He has baptized our transgressions in the River of Life
From the eternal God, redeeming waters flow as babbling streams
From the sword of His mouth, the Truth thunders forth to heal the land
Approach the Twelve Gates of heaven with fear and trembling
Lay thy infirmities at His feet

Say unto the Lord thy God:
I am but an earthen vessel
Marred by the stain of corruptible blood
Cursed of imperfection
Smitten with sickness and death
My bones are brittle, my joints burn with the fires of hell
My flesh is but a feeble lambskin of boils and sores
My bowels have turned inward and cast the smell of death
Hear me, O Lord, I pray Thee
Have mercy on my weary soul
Do not forsake me in my time of need, I beg of Thee
Search my humble heart that Thou might taste the marrow of my plea
Try my spirit of obedience and love in your celestial courts on high
Know that I am yours forevermore

Command Thy judgments to be lifted on wings of mercy
Decree Thy verdict of commiseration on my behalf
Let your mighty voice ring throughout the heavens
Cause a great trembling in the Holy pyramid City of Gold
Utter your favor upon me to the four winds and the four living creatures
And the seven spirits and the twenty-four elders and the nine angelic choirs
And the armies of heaven and the rulers of earth
And the souls of the dead as they rest in waiting
And Raphael who is set over all diseases and the wounds of men
And Michael who is set over human virtue
And Raguel who inflicts punishment on the world
Even the flowing rivers and bottomless seas
And holy mountains honeycombed in flames
Even the great separations by chasm and by water and by light
Announce to them your loving kindness upon me
Let them see your secret dew of healing fall upon my head
Pull back your cherubim of fire and destruction
Grants my spirit passage through the Gates of heaven, O Lord
Guide me through the holy mountains and into the sacred valley
And onto your fertile ground of restoration and peace

For I know there is a balm in Gilead
A tree like no other, produced by thine own hand
Bearing the sweet smell of frankincense and myrrh
With twelve kinds of fruit, yielding its fruit every month
And leaves for the healing of the nations.
Bathe my soul in Thy healing nectar
Fill my mouth with the sweet juices of Thy fruit
Cleanse my feet with the rough edges of Thy bark
Drop a pure stone in the rivers of water to mark my resurrection
Please, Lord, I beg Thee, Make me whole again

Then, if Thou would return my spirit to its earthly dwelling
I will walk the high places and low places and hidden places between
I will stretch forth my feeble voice to the saints and sinners alike
I will tell the world of your goodness and mercy and eternal grace
I will lift forth my hands to praise your holy and righteous name
For you are Jehovah Rapha, the Lord of Healing, the one and only true God
Therein and to your glory and majesty and might
I receive your blessing of healing in the name of Jesus Christ
The precious Lamb of God, The Savior of the world
I love you, Lord
Amen … Amen … Amen