You’ve done it before. You’ve walked into a room hours after people have left, and yet, their odor is still discernible, floating in invisible streams of consciousness. Sometimes, the smell is light and seductive, with the lingering mist from an expensive perfume. Other times, the smell is old and musky, like the odors associated with homes that care for the elderly. In searching for a new home, real estate agents might show you a property where previous owners have owned pets or engaged in heavy smoking. The people are gone, but the evidence of their presence is still there.

So it is in the spiritual world. There are physical places that have been so influenced by good or evil, that they carry the essence of their previous occupants and their activities.

Have you ever walked into a room that felt evil? Our nervous system, along with other conventional senses serves as an antenna that picks up the lingering horrors of previous deeds committed in that particular place. Evil can actually taint a place to the extent that it is no longer livable.

Many years ago, while doing research for Exorcism At Midnight, I found so many instances worldwide in which people had found evil existing in a physical location, or in some cases, brought it in through dabbling with the occult. Young people are especially curious and often end up with suicidal voices in their heads.

On February 19, 2002, the late Pope John Paul reported that after hundreds of suspicious but false cases, he had been involved in three exorcisms during his tenure as a Roman Catholic Priest. You don’t put your reputation out there on guesswork. You have to know this phenomenon is real.

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