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My first question is which  literary journey fits your fancy? Do you prefer humor, spiritual, paranormal, conspiracy, true love? It’s all here for your individual enjoyment. Choose a book. Read a sample chapter or two. Decide if the journey is right for you. If so, click the purchase page and order the print book or download the eBook and start reading in five minutes.  I can assure you you won’t be disappointed.

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Random Excerpts From My Favorite Works

Perhaps, she was too busy crying to remember the details of their frantic midnight exodus from their Litchfield apartment. For Lola, the harrowing journey down Interstate-55 had been blurred by tears of self-pity and repressed fear. Posttraumatic Stress Disorder was what her history professor had called it when he talked about the delayed reaction of troops returning from Iraq. But what name did he give to the growing suspicion that, no matter what she did, the syndrome of violence and poverty and uncertainty would follow her to her grave?

Back in Mexico, the priest had talked about the curse of the devil, swallowing up families, even whole generations. That night, fleeing from the carnage and disillusionment of living underground, Lola longed for a sacred mirror, some reliable means by which she could look deep inside her existence to make sure 666 had not been imprinted upon her immortal soul.

She whirled around like a wild animal and glared at me. “Don’t even go there, Mo#t$*f*!” She called me an unconscionable street name. “If you were the man you’re supposed to be, you’d be taking care of all of this #s*%#t*.” Her eyes turned blood red as she stormed off to her bedroom.

I was paralyzed. In all the years of our marriage, she had never talked that way. It didn’t even sound like her.

Later that night, as I tossed and turned, I heard the faint noises again, coming from her room. First her voice, then another voice, then maybe even a third.

What was she thinking? I was still her husband. In spite of everything, I still loved her. The thought of her slipping another man into her room, right under my noise, infuriated me. I exploded from my bed and headed down the hallway. I rammed my old football shoulder against her locked bedroom door and barged inside.

Always remembering the author that started me on my long journey of reading and writing. Here's to Sidney Sheldon...

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