Leander Jackie Grogan

Three Reasons I Write…

I was born to write. The meddlesome, truth-seeking nanobugs were apparently baked into my DNA.
I have an overzealous (sickly obsessive) passion for writing. Without such a precious option, I would surely whither and die.
I explode with purpose and reward when my meager words elevate the minds and illuminate the spirits of fellow sojourners, navigating this earthy realm.

My Goal

I believe in the pass-it-on protocol.

I believe that each individual is endowed with certain unique, irreplaceable, unduplicable gifts that contribute to the common good of all humankind. Thus, we have an obligation to share our inheritance. Forty years ago, Sidney Sheldon, author of Bloodline, The Other Side of Midnight, and many other bestsellers changed my life. Through his unique voice, he showed me one didn’t have to be a Harvard grad, use big words, or masquerade as an esoteric skywalker floating in the cosmos to bring value to a reading audience.

My goal is to pass on these glistening nuggets of inspiration to young, aspiring writers who are willing to dig deep and bring value … “you can do this too.”

My Most Popular Fiction

Unleashing the Creative Power of Imagination

Start with these three. Soar into a new realm of reality. There’s more waiting on the other side.

What happens when a young minister comes face to face with pure, unadulterated evil, only to discover that neither his seminary training nor rock-solid faith are enough to rescue him from the dark side? Exorcism At Midnight is not your father’s old Sunday School lesson. 

No wall can suppress the plight of freedom…
King Juba’s Chest is a thundering, spellbinding, globetrotting American saga on the raw and dirty side of the tracks. From Juárez, the City of Dead Girls, an improbable young illegal Mexican immigrant eludes the ruthless Zetas cartel, claws her way through the choking dust of a collapsing smuggler’s tunnel, rising up from the ashes of poverty to become the CEO of a major American corporation. (temporarily out of stock)

Revised, updated, and loaded with more scenes, more characters, more intrigue, and a ton of laughs. Chosen “Book of the Month” by popular TV Host and Blogger Website The Church Lady …. Black Church Blues is a religious, insightful fictional journey into the bizarre, hilarious encounters of Kizzy Marie Sheppard Myles, fondly known to her dysfunctional fellow parishioners as Mama Kizzy. She’s on a mission to save her congregation. Better step aside.

Publication features

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From Black Church Blues

Let’s begin our incredible journey.


Featured Video

From Black Church Blues

Do not be deceived. Inside the church, the Olympics of Love and Matrimony live on. Hold on to your man.


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Black Church Blues
Sharing Is Good For Everyone

After growing up on the rough side of town, Brother Williams came to us from the prison ministry. At the Annual Church Banquet, when Brother Williams asks for 5 more pieces of chicken, we give Brother Williams 5 more pieces of chicken. Sharing is…

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