The Innate Repetitiveness of Mankind … Will We Ever Learn?

My private thoughts today have been on the innate repetitiveness of mankind. I’ve been working with Google Analytics all day, bombarded by words like incognito windows, primary dimensions and asynchronous tracking, and now I’m talking funny. LOL

Innate repetitiveness simply means a built-in predisposition to do the same thing over and over again. Because of the lavish lifestyles of the rich, at the expense of everyone else, the Maya civilization crumbled. Just before the stock market crash and Great Depression of 1929, the oil barons and railroad magnates controlled politicians who sponsored sweetheart deals and skewed laws to enhance the position of the wealthy and drain dry the rest of the population.

Today we have the same elements at play. The elite classes of millionaires and billionaires are fully aware of the growing divide between the rich and the poor. But because of their sense of entitlement, and their need for one more vacation house and one more Picasso and one more Rolls-Royce, they pursue policies of exclusion and suppression. They pay their congressional henchmen to block any legislation that might level the playing field. The freedom of capitalism is always a good rallying cry to justify the status quo, unless they need a bailout.

Remember a few years back before the current administration came to office? Banks could charge you a fee on top of a fee on top of a fee. Credit card companies could call you up out of the blue and double your interest rate. Credit rating agencies could refuse to remove erroneous information from your report … unless you paid a fee. For years, in many small towns in the South, officials working at the courthouse were literally taking poor, illiterate people’s land.

And how many of America’s middle-class workers are currently being bullied and abused, but have nowhere to turn because essentially all of the major unions have been busted? The boss says, “This is your work and this is your pay … unless I decide to overload you with more work, and don’t ask about the pay. Take it or leave it.”

Now here’s the irony. The more money middle-class workers have, the more they’ll spend on the billionaires’ products and services. Henry Ford realized this and paid his workers more so they could buy his Model-T Ford. Billionaire Warren Buffett, one of the most brilliant businessmen in the world, is a proponent of the same middle-class empowerment strategy.

So you would think the rich and powerful would pursue these secretly self-serving strategies to put more money in their customer’s pocket. If I were rich, and the Sequester was eroding consumer confidence and holding back the economy, I would gladly pay a small percentage increase in taxes to get the economy rolling again so people could buy more from me. Instead, they pursue a narrow minded policy of “throw out Obama … Okay, we couldn’t do that so block all of his policies good or bad … hold off on hiring, tried to impose as much misery as possible upon the masses, and maybe they’ll blame the Democrats, and we can get back into office and reimpose the status quo — that status quo that made us richer and everyone else poorer.

The high living of the elite and suppression of the masses is a recurring example of innate repetitiveness. I wonder. How long will it take for our civilization to fall?

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