The Blood Tears of Jesus

The #1 Bestseller In God’s Mysterious Tower Series

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To my amazing Christian friends in the UK. Months ago your club asked about Book Two of the
“God’s Mysterious Tower” Series. I am delighted to deliver “The Blood Tears Of Jesus”.

God can go anywhere. But sending an old Bible Belt Baptist preacher into the voodoo heartland of Africa to fight an incurable killer virus and a Nephilim jungle giant with 12 fingers, two rows of teeth and a penchant for breaking necks … Now that’s a totally different story.

Pastor Rodney Coleman is back, called out of his comfortable, family-loving, churchgoing lifestyle by the Catholic Church. The Archbishop of Canterbury is convinced an ancient apocalyptic Scripture found in the secret catacombs beneath the Vatican identifies Pastor Coleman as God’s chosen emissary, designated to save the earth from destruction. Is he really the Upright Servant from the Young Beast of the Earth? Can he accomplish the impossible?


Hardback now available in UK, India and Australia.horizonalBlue-e222





Electronic e-book format and hardback available. Any local bookstore that doesn’t already carry the book can order it using this ISBN:

  • ISBN- 978-1513609782
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The God’s Mysterious Tower Series started here in Book One: Exorcism At Midnight

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