Orange FingerTips



The mind is a terrible thing to play with….

A fictional work based on the CIA’s secret Star Gate Program….

The headless corpses of prominent psychics are leaving a bloody trail from Dallas to New Orleans. A Washington DC downsizing expert, on a mission to save his company from bankruptcy, is going to find out why.

JIMMY CARDENE, professional psychic and conjurer of the dead, has a bad feeling about a series of fatalistic dreams he’s been having. He desires to spend some time in meditation to try to sort things out. But he’s too busy sponging money out of an old client who insists on communicating with her dead husband on New Years Eve. Too bad Jimmy is too busy. Professional kidnappers haul him away.

In the mid-1990s, the US Central Intelligence Agency revealed the existence of official paranormal activity — conducted by the US government — at the CIA, the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), the US Army, USAF, the Navy, and other organizations.

Declassified documents from the DIA’s STAR GATE program include several references to meetings attended by representatives from the NSA, who were interested in paranormal intelligence collection and psychic powers.

Orange FingerTips provides Biblically-based insight into the timeless questions that probe the fabric of the invisible universe. From where does precusory thought come? How is it that some psychics within their the dark, sleazy, enigmatic world are actually able to get it right? How is it that we all know some things ahead of time? It’s all in the book. Read itBabyPurchaseBook now.

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Paul H Smith.
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