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First Quarter Newsletter – 2014
picture The Fake Signer at Mandela’s FuneralIt’s unfortunate that so much attention was paid to the fake signer at Mandela’s funeral, one of the greatest leaders of our time. But such is the current cynical nature of humankind. Our minds are prepped for disaster, a complex way of thinking and filtering that dominates our frontal lobe … Continue reading
The Innate Repetitiveness of Mankind … Will We Ever Learn?My private thoughts today have been on the innate repetitiveness of mankind. I’ve been working with Google Analytics all day, bombarded by words like incognito windows, primary dimensions and asynchronous tracking, and now I’m talking funny. LOL Innate repetitiveness simply means a built-in predisposition to do the same thing over … Continue reading
picture Someone in the Warehouse is Stealing. Do We Catch Them with Analytical Thinking or Synthetical Thinking?What is the difference?  And why does it matter? First, let’s define both. In the simplest of terms, analytical thinking is the process of coming to a conclusion by analyzing a “whole” or complete part to decipher meaning through the separation of that part. Melting down steel to identify its … Continue reading
A New Year, New WebsiteWelcome to Groganbooks 2014 and beyond. The new site represents an embellishment and consolidation  of the presentation and availability of books by me and other collaborating authors.
Happy New YearHappy New Year Everyone! … a changing of the guard and glorious opportunity to soar high into the stratosphere. I wish I could declare tribulations obsolete in 2014, but we all know better. Tribulations will come. What we should remember is the battles of life first play out in the mind, requiring us to conquer cynicism and the feebleness of our thoughts.





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