Lamentation of Healing

Hello Everyone,
Yes, this is from the new book. I wanted to share this. Someone might be able to use it right now to help formulate their own prayer. Start to read it over and over, at the red light, on your break at work, at home before you go to bed. Consume your private moments with it. Let it reach heaven on your behalf. My hope is that it will activate your faith in spiritual healing. There is no limit to what God can do.

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Lamentation of Healing

[From The Blood Tears Of Jesus by Leander Jackie Grogan]

Sing unto the LORD, O ye saints of heaven
Sing glorious praises to His holy name
Give thanks to Almighty God, the ruler of all creation
For by Him all things were created in heaven and earth
Draw hither unto His mighty throne which rises in alabaster glory
Above the firmament of heaven and the walls of pure crystal
And the rivers of fire that proceedeth out of His mouth
Worship Him with exceeding joy and gladness

For He has delivered us from the pit of darkness and eternal flames
He has blotted out our corrupt habitation sown in the Great Garden
He has cleansed our weary souls and rain down righteousness upon us
He has swallowed our sins in the tender belly of the Lamb
He has baptized our transgressions in the River of Life
From the eternal God, redeeming waters flow as babbling streams
From the sword of His mouth, the Truth thunders forth to heal the land
Approach the Twelve Gates of heaven with fear and trembling
Lay thy infirmities at His feet

Say unto the Lord thy God:
I am but an earthen vessel
Marred by the stain of corruptible blood
Cursed of imperfection
Smitten with sickness and death
My bones are brittle, my joints burn with the fires of hell
My flesh is but a feeble lambskin of boils and sores
My bowels have turned inward and cast the smell of death
Hear me, O Lord, I pray Thee
Have mercy on my weary soul
Do not forsake me in my time of need, I beg of Thee
Search my humble heart that Thou might taste the marrow of my plea
Try my spirit of obedience and love in your celestial courts on high
Know that I am yours forevermore

Command Thy judgments to be lifted on wings of mercy
Decree Thy verdict of commiseration on my behalf
Let your mighty voice ring throughout the heavens
Cause a great trembling in the Holy pyramid City of Gold
Utter your favor upon me to the four winds and the four living creatures
And the seven spirits and the twenty-four elders and the nine angelic choirs
And the armies of heaven and the rulers of earth
And the souls of the dead as they rest in waiting
And Raphael who is set over all diseases and the wounds of men
And Michael who is set over human virtue
And Raguel who inflicts punishment on the world
Even the flowing rivers and bottomless seas
And holy mountains honeycombed in flames
Even the great separations by chasm and by water and by light
Announce to them your loving kindness upon me
Let them see your secret dew of healing fall upon my head
Pull back your cherubim of fire and destruction
Grants my spirit passage through the Gates of heaven, O Lord
Guide me through the holy mountains and into the sacred valley
And onto your fertile ground of restoration and peace

For I know there is a balm in Gilead
A tree like no other, produced by thine own hand
Bearing the sweet smell of frankincense and myrrh
With twelve kinds of fruit, yielding its fruit every month
And leaves for the healing of the nations.
Bathe my soul in Thy healing nectar
Fill my mouth with the sweet juices of Thy fruit
Cleanse my feet with the rough edges of Thy bark
Drop a pure stone in the rivers of water to mark my resurrection
Please, Lord, I beg Thee, Make me whole again

Then, if Thou would return my spirit to its earthly dwelling
I will walk the high places and low places and hidden places between
I will stretch forth my feeble voice to the saints and sinners alike
I will tell the world of your goodness and mercy and eternal grace
I will lift forth my hands to praise your holy and righteous name
For you are Jehovah Rapha, the Lord of Healing, the one and only true God
Therein and to your glory and majesty and might
I receive your blessing of healing in the name of Jesus Christ
The precious Lamb of God, The Savior of the world
I love you, Lord
Amen … Amen … Amen


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