Exorcism At Midnight

Supernatural occurrences and Biblical enigmas … A mind-boggling fictional journey of spirituality for those unwavering in their search for truth….


Book One in the “God’s Mysterious Tower” Series highlighting supernatural occurrences and Biblical enigmas. In this book readers travel just below the surface to glean powerful spiritual principals seldom offered in contemporary religious settings. This is not your father’s old Sunday School lesson.

What happens when a young minister comes face to face with pure, unadulterated evil, only to discover that neither his seminary training nor rock-solid faith are enough to rescue his wife from the dark side? When the storm is raging and evil is on the rampage, love conquers all…or does it?

Go deep behind the scenes of a modern-day exorcism. Rub your hands across the smooth silver face of a sacred St. Benedict metal used to ward off diabolical forces. Inhale the purity of towels, soaked in the rivers of Bethany. Now, smell the stench of demon-infested bowels and listen to the bloodcurdling screams of victims with a thousand angry demons

Weapons of WarfarepurplecrossExorcism Cross. You’re going to need it.

PopeJohnFebruary 19, 2002, the late Pope John Paul reported that he had been involved in three exorcisms during his tenure as a Roman Catholic Priest. Inside sources indicated that Pope John Paul II felt the official office of exorcists needed to be given more attention and restored to the priesthood. His reasoning was simple. The cases of demon possession in contemporary societies all over the world were exploding. From his perspective, this unspeakable spiritual crisis could no longer be ignored.



Catholic Church Implements 2013 Exorcism Hotliine



“…People who have gone through the Great Depression die with large sums of money, hidden in their mattresses. They were there to witness the big, strong, invincible banks go under, one by one. They are quite certain it will happen again. Soldiers, coming home from war, keep guns on their night stands and under their beds. They know the enemy is out there, lurking in the darkness, just waiting for a chance to catch them off guard. So it is with sufferers, those wheelchair-bound invalids and stroke victims and children, born blind from birth; those innocent, unsuspecting, spiritually confounded souls that have been singled out for the long haul. They anticipate the next round of suffering, reacting to it before it arrives. They develop a sixth sense that measures the intensity and potential mayhem the new suffering will bring. And then they brace themselves for one more ride through the peril and darkness, hoping for the slightest sign of relief on the other side.” 



Book Two Is Here: The Blood Tears Of Jesus

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