Women Preachers Ain’t the Issue, It’s the Disobedience by Reverend William Ferrell

It’s been very difficult and astonishing to hear the responses on the issue of women preachers. I was raised in an episcopal church, confirmed and served as a acolyte for numerous years. My older brother and sister still worship and serve there in leadership positions. I like most started in kindergarten and graduated high school. I attended college and joined the United States Marine Corps. I had the privilege of serving at Marine Barracks 8th & I Streets,Washington, D.C. on the elite Silent Drill Team and with a Top Secret clearance I was designated a Yankee White and served at The White House. After an Honorable Discharge and thinking my $#?@ didn’t stink. The results of “I did it my way” was my marriage suffered and eventually ended after 28 years, substance abuse, loss of jobs, this happened even after accepting my call.

If I didn’t learn anything else, I did learn to “obey those who have rule over you”. My years in full time ministry and serving in an associate pastoral role I will make “my” point. There are those I’ve met through the years. Some I thought were ; others not called to preach. That’s my observation and my opinion. There were also some I served side by side with in ministry that I didn’t agree with every decision, even at times my own pastor. The truth I learned in those situations, I was free to leave and end my association. I was never empowered, anointed, led, inspired, had a vision, to disrupt the ministry in which I served or usurp the authority over me at any time. (That includes civil authority as well).

As you well know if you follow my blog, I’ve served in charismatic, non-denominational, Church of God, Missionary Baptist, and Primitive Baptist churches. I was born and raised in Nashville, TN and have a great fondness for many who inspired and personally help groom me. Even women preachers, so that’s not an issue to me. I forgot to mention my “street credentials”… trust me, many are glad I’m saved.

If any “called or went” leader is under authority, here are a few Rules that may help you.

1). If you serve in a denomination you are out of order to challenge their doctrine and beliefs, the solution is you leave.

2). Don’t join an established ministry and start your rebellious split group off it’s foundation, the solution is to resign. Go rent you a building and equipment and start fresh. Remember…you said you are called so surely you’ll succeed.

3). Rebellion is witchcraft and I’ve never seen disobedience blessed…NEVER.

4). Don’t run to the news and other media outlets first, and then notify your leaders. The solution talk your issues Up not sideways or down. Sowing seeds of discord, leading people astray as you fulfill your flesh desires is dangerous.

5). Lastly, as a soldier of sin and now Soldier of The Most High, Jesus Christ , this I know Respect Is Earned, Leadership Is a Privilege, and You reproduce what you are not what you desire to be. The sad part of all of this from my view is none of this is a heaven or hell issue – just another distraction.



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