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Welcome to Black Church Nation, the official blog for Leander Jackie Grogan’s bestselling novel,
Black Church Blues.


The purpose of this blog is to provide a portal of spiritual discussion relating to the black church and other neglected issues many denominations and congregations are reluctant to engage.


These issues may include, but not be limited to, gay marriages, exorcisms, astrology, pastor appreciations, offerings, selection of pastors, divorce and remarriageand many other subjects that clarify scripture and point to an alignment with God’s purpose.

The black church is an indispensable institution in the lives of African-American families, and quite often the source of both inspiration and despair. How many Christians have left the church wounded, ostracized, disheartened, confused and bitter? On the other hand, how many Christians will testify to the inspired direction, critical support and timely intervention the church provided during their darkest hours?

Just as Black Church Blues has done, this blog explores the modern Black Church as never before … with holy masks off, hypocrisy aside, cover-ups exposed, and imperfections acknowledged. Black Church Nation is your daily spiritual discussion on steroids. Contribute and extract a deeper knowledge of God’s word, his institution and your place within the kingdom. It’s going to be an incredible experience.

ONE FINAL NOTE We’re not all going to agree. You may challenge anyone and everyone. But if anger, a limited vocabulary or a lack of spiritual growth forces you into a mode of profanity or name-calling, this is not the place for you. You will be blocked from the site




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When the usher asks you to find another seat, you need to find another seat.


When you used to be a pimp, but now you’re a deacon…


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What does Righteousness mean? Is it the difference between right and wrong? And does the meaning of right and wrong change from one generation to another, that is to say, if the Bibles says “But God allowed it”; Does that mean He didn’t allow it earlier, but now He does?


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When Did You First Learn About Preaching? EXCERPTS FROM BLACK CHURCH BLUES I was just a little nappy-headed farm girl down in Hattiesburg, Louisiana when I first learned how preaching is supposed to work. After long hours of herding his old rickety tractor across endless rows of cotton and corn, my sun-baked father used to sit on the front steps of our four room shanty, discussing the issues of our time. Each day some neighbor, relative, or group of friends would navigate their way down the long, pothole-infested driveway, through the barb wired gate, past the iron graveyard of old pickups and tractor parts, between the twin vegetable gardens, over the chicken manure and cow dung and onto our little wooden porch to enjoy a cold glass of my mother’s sweet lemonade. In the process, they soaked in the simplistic words of my father’s wise commentary and marveled at his self-taught abilities to read, write and understand meanings between the lines. ChickensBlack Church Blues


Just behind them, peering through the tattered front window screen lurked another group of soakers: Mattie, Estelle and me; three little fast-tail sisters, eager to gobble up as much grown folks business as our budding pea brains could absorb.

Mattie was the oldest, a thin, fragile carbon copy of my soft-spoken mother. Estelle was the youngest, a bow-legged diaper baby who held on to her milk bottle far beyond the appointed time.

And then there was me: a stocky, tomboyish, smart-mouth back-talker who got more whippings than anyone in the house. Together, we carried out our youthful espionage, listening with desperation and awe to every voice inflection, every outburst of laughter, every juicy addition to the local rumor mill, anticipating the moment when the watered down lemonade would be overrun by Jim Beam and Johnnie Walker Red

. masterBlue444

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Carol Moye’s Interview of Leander Jackie Grogan on “Compelled to Write”

….”I write a great deal about spiritual anomalies. The old preachers taught us that the Bible was infallible. In fact, there are multiple errors and contradictions. Look at II Chronicles 9:25 and then at I Kings 4:26. Was it forty thousand or four thousand? And before you seek the answer in the Jewish history archives, you must make a critical decision. Are you seeking spiritual knowledge outside the 66-book Protestant canon? Didn’t your pastor tell you NOT to seek spiritual knowledge outside of the Bible?

The Dead Sea Scrolls have forced theologians to quietly rewrite the old King James version. We know somewhere out there in a dark cave or hidden tomb, there are more discoveries to come. But a Bible in constant overhaul is a difficult proposition for most Christians. It’s easier to remain in the comfort of a familiar truth than to embrace a new truth that cancels out the old one.

Columbus discovered America. I learned that in high school. I don’t want to hear about the Vikings who came two or three hundred years before Columbus got here. This is where I want to take my readers, to a high mountain where glaciers of misinformation melt beneath their feet and profound spiritual truths fall upon their heads like rain. Book 1 did it. Book 2 will go even further.” Complete Interview Here: http://cmoye.net/blog/?p=1363 Thanks to all my wonderful readers and fans for your continued support.