Everything Is Not Peaches and Cream

Today I observed two employees at Discount Tires, one smiling, cheerful, very polite; the other quite bitter with a scowl on his face, didn’t want to be there. EVERYONE is dealing with something in life. Some are able to conceal the pain better than others … which means, with the guy that was smiling, I am absolutely sure not everything was peaches and cream.

We choose an attitude each day. But it shouldn’t be based on our circumstances. It should be based on our enlightened perspective of the inevitable peaks and valleys that are sure to come.

My message is simple. Make your best decisions at the time and don’t look back. Be willing to learn from the past, for the past is a painfully efficient teacher. But don’t dwell there. For, in the end, the past will succumb to the gracious manipulation of our feeble memories, our inbred human instinct to see the glass half full. Green pastures will spread over the scorched earth of suffering, and we will discover that all the days we spent with a scowl on our face was a pure waste of time.

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