My New Years Wish For You 2017

After six decades and some change, I have observed many patterns. One is the traditional prayers and blessings of New Year’s Eve. Each year, our resolutions are filled with hopefulness and wishful thinking. This is the resilient human engine that drives us forward toward our unknown destiny. We declare the upcoming weeks and months to live in great towers of happiness and prosperity, in the name of Jesus we do, because we’ve been programmed to think positive and the acceptable, perhaps even spiritual definition of positive is the absence of “negative”, or so we auspiciously believe. Sometimes it takes six decades to realize this is not the case.


Our Bibles tells us that trials and tribulations will come. It means EVERY word of that. Success and failure, joy and sorrow, rewards and consequences are inseparable sojourners in this odd, perplexing continuum of life. Both friend and foe travel on the same bus. We cannot be certain which will sit next to us, just that they all will have their turn.

And so for me, after so many precarious, unpredictable, unrecoverable decades of riding the bus, my New Year’s resolutions have become wiser, more prudent, more attuned to the realities of the journey. I no longer pray exclusively for the success and joy and rewards of life. I pray for the strength to endure the failures and sorrow and consequences that will sooner or later besiege me. I pray for no loss of passion in doing good, even when the enemy is sitting on the seat next to me, reminding me of his victories, grinding his sharp elbow of hopelessness into my groin. I wish upon a Star above all stars that He will sprinkle heavenly dust before our wheels to light the way.

This is my prayer for you. As you board the 2017 Express, I pray for all those things that are wise and prudent and empowering to your spirit and your journey. May this year be the best year of your life.

Happy New Year!
Leander Jackie Grogan

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