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Leander Jackie Grogan

Leander Jackie Grogan’s excellence in writing extends over a multiplicity of genres. His first novel, Orange FingerTips, has been distributed in five countries and four different languages. His second short novel, Exorcism At Midnight, has already become a leading seller with e-book distributors in the US and Canada. He has won numerous local and national awards in creative writing for radio, print and the web.Besides having authored a number of nonfiction articles in such national magazines as AdWeek and Jet, Grogan serves as a guest blogger for the national crime/suspense writer’s website, Murder by 4, has written and produced three local spiritual comedies, and some years ago, had a work of fiction published in Hustler Magazine.

Inside the Author’s Head

During this extraordinary four year journey to get the book to market, my original thought was to call the book Cover-up Christians. I had seen too much hypocrisy, too much restating of the truth to fit a distorted public image of Christians walking around in a state of bliss with hands stretched toward heaven. I felt the image was counter-productive to saving souls because when people came into the church and actually saw members with their masks removed, they felt deceived, even resentful that throughout the “holy” sanctuary, imperfection prevailed. I wanted to debunk the myth before unsuspecting recruits came through the doors, and explain to them why imperfection will be with us until Jesus comes back.

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Black Church Blues is a religious comedy about the bizarre, often hilarious encounters of Kizzy Marie Sheppard Myles, fondly known to her dysfunctional fellow parishioners as Mama Kizzy.

Envision a cantankerous old retired schoolteacher/scientist whose mission it is to save her congregation from the power-hungry, conspiratorial deacon board, and in the process, unravel the precarious relationship between man-made science and God-made religion. Through her raw humor and scientific analysis, she exposes the conflicting mandates of the Holy Ghost and the Human Ghost, and how quickly church business can go a-rye.

Of course, Mama Kizzy is not alone. There is Big Mildred, the head usher, who’d just as soon ram her holy knuckles down the throats of misbehaving parishioners, than show them to a vacant seat. There’s Deacon Crump who can’t control his porno-driven thoughts during church business meetings. And then, there’s Bishop Ebenezer. Is he really doing miracle healing? Or why are a couple of renegade musicians lying face down over the collection plate? It’s all in a day’s worship at the venerable, former Jewish Synagogue, now known as First Reunion Baptist Church.

Laugh your unsuspecting stomach into knots. Go undercover in the back rooms of every church in America. Feast on powerful spiritual messages that will change your life. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

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