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Orange FingerTips

Orange FingerTips is a supernatural thriller that will drag you through the alligator-infested waters of Louisiana and into a deadly government conspiracy that will boggle your psychic-driven mind.


Put That Gun Down introduces the greatest legal mind to ever come out of the know-all, show-all state of Missouri. He’s been shot, cut and scaled with hot grits, and is tired of getting beat up by women.

Baby, Put That Gun Down

Black Church Blues is a religious comedy about the hilarious encounters of a cantankerous old retired school teacher/scientist, saving her congregation from the power-hungry deacons.

Black Church Blues




Exorcism At Midnight is a mind-bending journey into the realm of evil. Smell the strong stench of demon-infested bowels and listen to the bloodcurdling screams of a victim with fifty devils inside.


Layoff Skullduggery: The Official Humor Guide is a humor book dedicated to the devoted, hard-working souls out there constantly subjected to this horrible economy and the stress, indignities, abuse, and family pressures that have accompanied it.


An extraordinary international family saga on the raw and dirty side of the track unveils the dark side of personal endurance, determination and love. The ancient mysteries of the universe unfold.

Exorcism At Midnight
King Juba's Chest

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