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My first question is which  literary journey fits your fancy? Do you prefer humor, spiritual, paranormal, conspiracy, true love? It’s all here for your individual enjoyment. Choose a book. Read a sample chapter or two. Decide if the journey is right for you. If so, click the purchase page and order the print book or download the eBook and start reading in five minutes.  I can assure you you won’t be disappointed.

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Listen to the Black Church Blues interview on Blog Talk Radio. Listings move periodically, so you may have to do a search. Go here….
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King Juba’s Chest is soaring in popularity in the US, Mexico and Australia. Get the inside story on the author and the book.  Go here….
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See the original video trailer of the classic paranormal thriller, Orange FingerTips based on the CIA’s secret Stargate program.  Go here….
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   Always remembering the author that started me on my long journey of reading and writing.
Here’s to Sidney Sheldon…
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